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The Yukon is not all snow and ice... it's a land of solitude, natural beauty and romance. You'll be entranced by the Midnight Sun and by the beauty of the dancing Northern Lights. Or maybe you'd rather stand in awe at the foot of the highest mountain in the country. Wilderness and majestic beauty await you in the Yukon.

Kluane National Park, in the southwest part of the territory, is a mountain mecca containing the largest peaks in the country. Mount Logan, at 19545 feet, is located in this gem of a national park as well as the 65 km valley of glaciers. Experience the abundant beauty of the North and feel like it all belongs to just the two of you.

Romantic getaways in the Yukon Territory, Canada's true north
Photo: The brilliant fall colours of the Yukon

You don't need your flashlight above the Arctic circle in summertime. In June, the sun never sets. And the further north you go, the higher the sun stays above the horizon. It's an experience that words cannot describe. Try going for a midnight walk with your spouse, but this time do it in full sunlight!

The Klondike trail between Whitehorse, Yukon's capital city, & Skagway, Alaska, is a perfect combination of history, wilderness beauty & timeless romance. Ride the rails of the White Pass & Yukon Route, a railroad noted for its civil engineering feats that includes tunnels and sky-high trestle bridges. Abundant panoramic views of mountains, glaciers and waterfalls can be seen on this historic trail.

The people of the Yukon are as beautiful as the natural scenery. These are some of the most welcoming people in the world, and although the territory is huge, you're never far from a friendly face.

Take an unforgettable journey to this land of unspoiled beauty and experience romance at the top of the world.

Yukon romantic getaway
Emerald Lake
Romantic vacation in Dawson City, Yukon
Dawson City
Romantic getaways, Yukon Territory, Canada
The midnight sun

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