Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Turning Work into Romance

"A few years ago, my husband and I were having a few marriage problems. We had gone through a tough time financially and emotionally with several family and personal issues to work through. We were both worn out and worn down. He took long drives in the country and I slept a lot to escape the stress. I fully expected to get divorced.

One Friday night I got home from work and found the house sparkling clean (it had been a mess since neither of us had the energy to clean it). The dining table was beautifully set with fine linens, candles, and wine glasses, and there was a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket. I was standing there confused when my husband walked in. He hugged me tightly for a few moments, then told me that he still loved me even though we had gone through some hard times. He explained that he wanted to do something special for me and suggested I go freshen up. I did. When I came back down there was a chef in our kitchen, preparing a romantic dinner for two! I was overwhelmed. It was a wonderful night and I think we both smiled, laughed, and felt relaxed for the first time in what felt like years.

My husband had actually been out working a second job - not driving in the country! He saved all of the money and put it away into a special account that was only for us. That special night was only one night, but he had enough left to hire a house cleaner once a week for 6 months and for us to go out for dinner and a movie every week for 6 months. This alone time has been so important for us as a couple. It feels good to have each other back."

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