Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Woman's Job?

"My wife and I have been together a long time. When we were young, it was the man's job to romance the woman, and I dutifully did my duty. It paid off as I married the woman of my dreams, who is still my wife today. I still get my wife little gifts now and then to show her I love her.

Our grown daughter is always going on about how crazy it was to expect men to do all the romancing, and to expect women to do all the waiting. Apparently kids these days, of either sex, figure that if they are interested in someone then they will go and get them.

I didn't realize how closely my wife had been listening to our daughter. Ten days before my birthday, I got a little gift from my wife. It was completely unexpected and was a nice treat. Then the gifts continued, every day, right up until my birthday. She put a lot of thought into each gift. It was none of the typical gifts you might expect to get, but all had something to do with BBQ, food, or sailing, my favourite 3 things (next to my family). It was nice to be surprised. My wife had a giggle about how we're now a 'modern' couple that romances each other. "

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