Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Surprise Weekend Retreat

"My new husband proposed to me in the most romantic way! Two years ago, we were still dating. Ray used to spend every Thursday nights playing pool with his buddies. I had visited them once or twice and gotten to know them, all very nice guys. It turned out I didn't know how nice!

One weekend, Ray bundled up and said he wanted to take me for a drive in the country. There was a full moon that night so it was to be all romantic. A couple of hours later, we arrived at this sweet little cabin in the woods, with a marvellous view of the rolling hills, blanketed in trees. Ray said he'd arranged for a weekend retreat there, and had packed a bag for us plus some great food. It was a lovely surprise!

When the moon came out, it was truly spectacular. The light was dancing off the leaves, and we had candles lit inside the cabin and the woodstove was lit. And then Ray took my hand and kissed it... and told me that this was our cabin! He had purchased the land, and he and his pool buddies had spent the last year putting the cabin together. I was already crying at this amazing gift, when Ray reached into his pocket (I thought he was going to give me a key to the cabin!), opened up a box with a gorgeous ring in it, and proposed to me by the light of the full moon. Of course I said yes!"

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