Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Wedding that's Gone to the Dogs

"My family means everything to me. My family also includes my lovely 14-year-old dog, Jocko, who has been a great friend to me. When I met the man who is now my husband, I introduced him to my dog and they immediately became fast friends.

My husband and I got married one year ago. When we were making preparations for the wedding I insisted that we find a pet-friendly venue for the wedding since Jocko has been there for most of the major events in my life and he should be part of this one too!

I was busy trying to look perfect for the wedding and my husband offered to look after Jocko since, as he put it, it would only take him 5 minutes to get dressed.

During the ceremony, I was surprised and delighted to see Jocko trot out in his very own doggy tux and take his place next to my husband. Then it came time for the exchange of rings. My husband quietly said something to Jocko, who turned and retrieved a small pillow with the ring and held it up for my husband so that he could put the ring on my finger. I cried and cried! My husband put so much effort into showing Jocko what to do and of course, Jocko (who is a dog genius) had no trouble at all. It was perfect. ALL of my friends and family, including my long-time dog friend, were a part of our wedding. It was the most romantic thing."

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