Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Un-Romantic

" My husband always tells his friends that he married the most UN-romantic woman in the world. He is truly a romantic guy at heart and it still amazes me that he would marry me. I'm the type of person who prefers to watch a movie in old sweats at home, while shovelling chips in my mouth, rather than dress up to dine by candlelight at some fancy restaurant. He, on the other hand, does all sorts of spontaneous and romantic things for me which I DO appreciate.

One Saturday night a couple of weeks ago my husband surprised me (as he often does). I had just come inside from gardening and saw that he had laid out my perfect idea of a night at home: he laid out my most ratty, comfortable pair of sweatpants; my favorite oversized t-shirt (his); bowls of chips in my favorite flavors; and one of those teenage slasher horror flicks that I love (a shameful secret of mine).

It made me appreciate him even more to see that he is willing to create a 'romantic' night for me in the way I like it, even if it's not HIS idea of romance. I am very lucky to have him. "

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