Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: My Surprise Pampering

" I'm a mother of three toddlers with little time to spend on myself, let alone with my husband. We make a good team providing for our growing family but romance has taken a back seat for the past few years.

One day my husband surprised me. It was a regular early weekday except Jared awoke earlier than usual. I was busy doing chores when he came downstairs and said that I had the day off. Of course I thought he was crazy. But he said that he was staying home from work for the day to give me break and that my girlfriend was coming over shortly to pick me up for an all-inclusive break that he arranged. He wouldn't give me any details no matter how much I pestered him.

Jackie started the drive without letting one clue slip. I was angry at her, guilty for leaving my babies at home, and worried about potential disasters that could happen in my absence. But when we pulled up to doors of a luxurious day spa, I was won over. I hadn't been pampered since before becoming a mother.

Jackie and I made it a point to talk about our lives, not our kid's lives, in order to catch up with each other. We had pedicures, manicures, facial massages... the works. I hadn't felt so relaxed in years.

When I returned home I was greeted by the piercing scream of a smoke alarm. The kids were at the neighbor's house and the romantic dinner my husband had been trying to cook was burning in the oven. We had dinner together anyways. Despite the dinner disaster, I still appreciated my husband's thoughtful gift. The whole day made me feel like a person - and a woman! - again. "

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