Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Surprise Christmas

" I'm one of those people who doesn't like surprises. My husband always kids me about being a control freak. Despite this we have a very happy marriage and have countless wonderful memories.

This holiday season, my husband, knowing my dislike of surprises, warned me that he was going to give me a surprise! He knows me very well and since he warned me, I was excited to see what he had in store for me. On Christmas Eve, he packed me into the car and we drove out to a beautiful cabin in the woods, much like the one my family used to gather at when we were children. It was beautiful, with Christmas lights strung along the house, and a deep feeling of peace. We had a lovely dinner prepared by my husband (who is a superb cook). It was so romantic, I was in heaven.

In the morning I had packed our bags again for the drive home. I wanted to get home early to start preparing Christmas dinner.

Imagine my consternation when he said we would be staying there! Beautiful as it was, I am a homebody and I can't imagine Christmas without our children and grandchildren. I love the bustle of Christmas and yes, I even love the noisy house!

I didn't want to hurt my husband's feelings and I tried as diplomatically as I could to let him know that I would rather be at home. He only smiled and said I deserved a break from cooking and cleaning and that he would take care of Christmas preparations. We could see everyone again the next day.

I was touched that he wanted to pamper me, but my heart was breaking to be away from family. I knew my husband was doing it for me and I didn't want to be ungrateful, so I hid my sadness and did my best to get into the festive spirit.

I shouldn't have doubted my husband. He knows me too well! At the dot of noon, the doorbell rang - and on the porch EVERYONE was standing there with big smiles and hugs, pots of food, and bags full of gifts! We all gathered together in this wonderful cabin, drank eggnog, talked and laughed, ate, ate, and ate, and of course exchanged gifts. It was the BEST Christmas I could have imagined. "

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