Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Wrapped in the Sunrise

" My husband has always been much more of a morning person than I have. He's wide awake and cheerful at the crack of dawn, while I wake up slowly and sleepily.

One morning my husband gently woke me and led me outside onto our deck. Before I knew it (I was still very sleepy), he had wrapped me in a big warm blanket (warmed in the dryer!), put a steaming mug of coffee in my hands, and then wrapped his arms around me. As I began to wake up, the most spectacular sunrise unfolded in front of me. We live high on a hill with great ocean views and all of these years I had never seen the sunrise, at least not like this one! I will never forget that morning: wrapped in my husband's arms with a blazing orange sunrise highlighting both the sky and the water. Now I make it a point to get up early every Saturday morning so that we can watch the sunrise together."

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