Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: In Sickness and In Health

"My husband and I met in 2002 and got married in a beautiful, private ceremony in 2004. We pledged to treasure each other even through hardships. We didn't expect marriage to always be sweet and smooth-sailing and we were prepared to have to work through difficult times.

But a few months after we got married, I started feeling more and more tired. After medical testing I got the devastating news that I had cancer. To say that we were shocked doesn't even begin to describe how we felt.

Overwhelmed one day, I told my husband that he was free to divorce me and I wouldn't try to stop it. I figured that no one ever expected to have to deal with something like this so soon after getting married. My husband refused to rise to the bait and insisted that he was here to stay. He remained gentle and supportive even through my chemotherapy treatments.

A few days before our first anniversary, my husband approached me to say we had to talk. I feared the worst... I thought he was going to finally say that he couldn't do it anymore. Seeing the look on my face, he rushed to smile and say that, if I felt up to it, he wanted to take me away for a weekend of pampering at a lakeside resort for our anniversary! By then, I was feeling much better but still not quite myself but I badly wanted to go, so I said yes. My hair hadn't grown back yet but it didn't matter one bit to my husband - I got pampered like a princess! We went out to restaurants, took walks around the lake hand-in-hand, sat wrapped in blankets on our balcony and watched the sunset. Getting sick wasn't something we expected but it showed me exactly the type of wonderful man I married. I will never forget it."

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