Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Sea-Worthy Romance

" I love seafood. My husband hates it, he says he can't stand the 'fishy' smell. So most of the time when we go out for a nice dinner, we go to steak houses because we both love steak. I do miss my seafood, though!

Last year we went vacationing on the west coast. On our first evening there, I was getting ready for a nice dinner out. When I finished getting dressed and prettied up, I went into our hotel room's kitchen to get a drink. My husband gave me a quick kiss, said he'd be right back, and then introduced me to 'Gary', an unfamiliar man who was wearing a chef's uniform and smiling at me. Confused, I smiled back. Gary then proceeded to whip me up a delicious drink and entertain me with local folklore. I was still confused, but he wouldn't answer any of my questions except to say that I was in for a surprise.

Half an hour later, my husband returned... and with FRESH seafood! He had gone down to the docks to pick it up, and had arranged with the hotel for this intimate dinner to be prepared by one of the chefs. What AMAZING food the talented Gary prepared. I was in heaven! And there was tons of it. My husband didn't eat any seafood - Gary made him a giant piece of prime rib instead, so he was happy - but I was in bliss. I had never had seafood so good before and it tasted even better because my husband put in all the effort to get it for me. Such a romantic gift."

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