Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Schemer

" My wife is a scheming little woman (who I love). Last year, for several months, she told me she was going to join a hiking group and get some extra exercise. I didn't think twice about it because she's very fit and active. Three times a week she disappeared.

Then, one fine summer day, she insisted I accompany her for a 'surprise'. Truth be told, I was a little impatient because it was a perfect day for sailing (my favourite way to relax). I went with her because I knew she wouldn't take no for an answer.

She insisted on blindfolding me. When we finally stopped, she led me outside. Now, I know the feel of a dock and the sound of a lake ... and we were definitely on a dock at a lake! My wife whipped off my blindfold and I blinked to see a beautiful sailboat in front of me. Confused, I climbed aboard as she asked me to... and then SHE started sailing the boat! I was amazed. She has never shown an interest before but had decided that she would try it so that we could do it together. I had always asked her to come with me in the past but she'd always declined. I was thrilled to have her with me. All those months she was 'hiking'? She was really taking sailing classes."

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