Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Passion for Sailing

" I fell in love with both my wife and with sailing during the summer of '98 when I was in the middle of school. My friends had convinced me to spend the summer in a small town in BC's interior, right by a lake, perfect for a nature-loving guy like me.

When I wasn't working, I took up sailing, a sport that my parents had taught me when I was child. It had been over 10 years since I rigged up a dingy, but I could still tie knots, raise sails and single-hand a small boat. Boat rentals were cheap on the waterfront and the girl working the rental booth was pretty and funny.

Every evening I would go down to the waterfront and rent a small boat. At first, I rigged up the boat myself, but then, as a ploy, I would ask Charlene for help. She taught me a few "new" knots and a few "new" rigging techniques. Soon, she was started to join me to show me a few "new" handling maneuvers. We got along great, so I finally got up the courage and confessed that I know my way around a boat... and told her that I just needed an excuse to get to know her. Good thing she has a sense of humour!

When the summer ended, we each returned to our home towns to continue our studies but agreed to transfer to a common school for the winter semester. With a little financial help from our parents, we went to school in Victoria where we also continued sailing.

Ten years later, we have a growing family, budding careers and a 25' foot sailboat, which we take out as much as possible. I feel like a lucky guy to have found a wife with the same passion for sailing that I have. When the kids get older we hope to pass it on to them too. "

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