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"My wife is a loving and caring woman. She's the type of person who brings homemade soup & bread to sick friends. She has always put a lot of thought into meals and into our dates to try to make all of them memorable. I, on the other hand, am uncomfortable with public displays of affection and would rather just have a quiet evening at home. Our friends have commented how different we are. Sometimes I wonder how my wife and I ever connected in the first place.

One day I gave in and decided to give this whole 'romantic gesture' thing a shot. I went out and rented a convertible and parked at the mall, where I knew my wife would be coming out after shopping. When I spotted her I honked the horn to get her attention, cruised up to her, and invited her to hop in. She gamely jumped in, excited about the adventure.

We drove around all afternoon. We took turns cruising past local landmarks and visiting places we hadn't been to in years. At dinner time, we spontaneously pulled up to the closest restaurant we could find. It turned out to be one of those "greasy-spoon" roadside diners, and dinner was fun. My wife was like a teenager again. I haven't seen her so flirty and happy in years. We ordered ice cream to go from a waitress who couldn't stop smiling at us.

I'm not converted into a romantic, but I didn't realize how happy these small gestures make my wife. I have been trying hard to do more things like this."

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