Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Photobook Hiking

"My husband and I have always hiked together. Our love of nature was one of the big things that drew us together, and we have many special memories of sharing nature's amazing beauty with our special someone. Last year, though, I broke my leg after I stepped off the curb wrong while running for the bus (thousands of kilometers hiked, and I break my leg doing something so silly!). I was heartbroken! I could live with the pain in my leg but I knew I wouldn't be able to join my husband hiking that summer, the first time in 27 years.

My husband understood how hard it was that we couldn't go together... but I didn't want him to miss out - it's how we get fresh air and exercise, and how we balance our minds, away from all the noise and technology in our lives. So I made him keep going.

He came up with a great plan to keep me involved while on his hikes... first he'd show me on the map where he was going, and leave me a write-up about the hike itself. Then, while he was on the hike, he would text me photos as he went! It kept us connected even though we couldn't physically be together at the time.

The best thing of all was, at the end of the season he presented me with a lovely, hardcover book he'd had made up of all the maps, trail descriptions, and lots of beautiful photos of the hikes he'd done! Now that my leg has healed, we are working our way through these hikes again... this time together!"

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