Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Office Romance

"My wife and I had been fighting like cats and dogs. We love each other but we had so little time to spend together, since she has been unable to work due to an injury and I have been working very long hours to compensate. We struggled to find ways to spend romantic time together that didn't degenerate into distraction or irritation on either of our parts.

One day, she simply showed up at my workplace. She carried a picnic basket full of delicious goodies she'd made herself (she is a fantastic and creative cook). She marched right into the office, smiled politely at everyone, chatted up my boss, and then marched me out the door. Right there, in our office courtyard - which is actually very nice with lots of plants and a water feature - we had a romantic lunch in a private little nook.

Taking a lunchtime break with my wife was great... and as a bonus, I found that afterwards I was more relaxed at work and much less stressed out when I got home. My wife figured out that it's easiest for just one of us to take the reins and prepare something romantic to do, rather than trying to jointly figure it out and stressing each other out.

Now, my wife refuses to allow anything to get in the way of our time together. My co-workers and boss expect her to show up twice a week, and no one ever tries to talk her out of it! Sundays are when I figure out something to do together... and seeing my wife's happiness and anticipation inspires me to create new and fun things to do."

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