Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Oceanside Romance

"I love my husband dearly and three years ago we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and wanted to go somewhere special. We chose a small private cabin on Galiano Island. My husband is more of the 'nature' type and I am more of the 'pampering and spa' type but because I chose our vacation the previous year, he chose this one.

When we arrived no one greeted us, the key was just left inside the cabin. The cabin was very clean but very basic. There were no amenities to speak of, not like a hotel. To tell the truth I was a bit put off at first! But it turned out to be the most romantic vacation we've ever had because of two things: 1) the most incredible sunsets anyone would be lucky to see! (I have a weakness for sunsets) and 2) my thoughtful and adoring husband.

My husband had called ahead to a local cafe and had them prepare a breakfast and lunch basket for each of the three days we were there. Oh, they were so good, with lots of fresh bread and cheese and wine and fruit, and there were homemade brownies to die for. Every morning we would wake up and have breakfast on the outdoor patio in the fresh ocean air. Every lunch we would take a walk along an oceanside path and stop somewhere to have lunch. For dinner, we would take a trip around the island and stop anywhere we felt like. Our bedroom looked out over the ocean and snuggling in bed watching the sunsets was perfect.

I was so surprised to really & truly enjoy myself. I've always stayed in hotels before and didn't know if I would like to stay in the middle of nowhere! It was so romantic, I would do it again anytime."

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