Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Night on the Town

"I'm a romantic and my wife loves it. She loves being surprised, and she loves the spontaneity and the attention that I shower on her. She's an adventuress at heart so she's always eager to see where these surprises take us.

We've done the champagne in the hot-air balloon and the picnic in the park but I've never done the classic romantic evening. You know, the limo, the dinner, the elegant hotel. So last month I decided to put the 'cheese' back in with these cheesy manoeuvres to see how it would go over.

The day started out with a romantic message left on her make-up window. I told her to wear something nice to work because Friday was going to be a special day.

At 10:00 AM, a bouquet of flowers arrived at her desk with a note saying that she looked beautiful and to meet me downstairs after work. When the time arrived, the limousine pulled up with me inside. We sipped champagne as we inched through rush-hour traffic. The hectic world buzzed around us as we sat in comfort inside our little private bubble.

Soon we were let out at a romantic downtown restaurant. The setting was perfect for couples and intimate conversation. Great food, great wine, great views of the twinkling city lights, and great company. After dinner, we strolled the downtown sidewalks where I surprised her again by whisking her into a posh hotel for a romantic night together.

I have to admit, I didn't think things through as much as I should have. We left the hotel the next morning wearing the same nice evening clothes from the previous night. We grabbed a cab home and then smothered our laughter as we tried to sneak back into the house and avoid the curious stares of the neighbours. Great fun!"

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