Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Natural Romance

" My husband is a back-to-nature type of guy and although I love him dearly, I don't share his enjoyment of camping. He created the best surprise for me that we both really enjoyed: after a particularly bad work week he suggested we schedule a 'date'. He told me to dress comfortably and casually as he had a surprise for me.

He picked me up from work and we started driving. Eventually we came to a beautiful wooded setting. He suggested we go for a walk (I don't like camping, but I do love walks in the forest). Hand-in-hand, we went for a stroll... and then stopped at a small clearing where there were a couple of his friends, who smiled and disappeared, leaving a picnic table beautifully laid out with a gourmet picnic, wine included! It was a tasty treat and I was delighted.

After dinner, my mountain-main husband cleaned up the 'dining area' and strung everything else up in the trees to keep the bears away. Then he led me down another path, which ended in a campsite with a large tent. I was so overwhelmed with the work he had put in to arrange the picnic that I was willing to camp out with him for the night - but surprise! The tent was outfitted with deluxe portable beds and beautiful cuddly blankets. It was like something out of a dream! We spent a wonderful night in our little love nest.

In the morning we returned to the picnic site and found everything cleaned up, and the same friends waiting there with breakfast laid out. Once again, they smiled and disappeared as soon as we arrived (I later found out that they went back to our campsite and took everything down and packed it out). We had a delectable breakfast in the cool fresh morning air. Afterwards, we cleaned up and made our way back to the car.

I'm blown away at how much work it must have been to arrange this one romantic night. It was a perfect romantic getaway and I'm so grateful to have my husband. "

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