Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Middle Aged Hooky

"Things kept getting tougher at work for both me and my wife. The long hours and stressful days left us with no time (or energy) to do anything together, other than collapse in front of the TV every night after work.

Last month we decided enough was enough and we were going to go away for the weekend. We picked a place in the next town. It's not the most luxurious place but it fits our budget and gives us a chance to be together without work getting in the way.

The good news was that the hotel was having a "3rd night free" special. The bad news was that we were supposed to be back at the office. The thought of wasting that free night was almost more than we could bear - especially since we've both been spending an average of 60 or more hours at work every week!

While we were talking, my wife jokingly said, "Too bad we can't just skip work like we used to skip class." And we both looked at each other. Why not? We have worked tons of unpaid overtime, uncomplainingly (OK, a little complaining), in order to keep our jobs in this economy (we are supposed to get time in lieu, but no one can ever find the time to go away!) The result was that my wife and I hardly ever saw each other.

So early that Thursday morning, we left messages for our bosses. I said that I wouldn't be able to make it into work since I was having problems seeing (seeing myself at work, that is). My wife made a call to her boss too. And off we went on our extended weekend vacation.

We had a great time. We both felt like school kids doing something naughty and secretive. The next day, we called our bosses again and said we still weren't feeling well. And as soon as we hung up, we went right back to bed where we spent the rest of the weekend.

Incidentally, it was hell at the office when we got back. Thank goodness for our weekend away, it was totally worth it!"

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