Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Mid-Week Romance

"My husband and I used to be so romantic with each other. Over time we found ourselves spending our time doing housework and working overtime. It felt like we were drifting apart but we didn't know what to do - we have bills to pay, and we just have to get everything done.

Finally, enough was enough. Last month I found myself in tears, remembering how much we used to love being together. So it was time to try something different. This may sound dull and strange to some people, but we began to work romance into our everyday chores. It was my husband's idea and at first I just obliged him. Now I love it. We don't do anything spectacular, but we grocery shop together, cook dinner as a team, and work together in the yard. Complaining about work and chores are taboo. We talk more, we laugh more, we talk about our plans for the future. Instead of just waiting for the weekend to have some 'alone time', we have doubled the amount of 'fun time' together.

I know it doesn't seem like much but it has really helped our marriage. We feel much like we did as giddy twenty- somethings in love who could talk all night, only with a deeper, more mature understanding of each other."

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