Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Love Notes

"When I was first married, my idea of a 'love note' pretty much filled three to four notebook pages and included love poems, little 'lipstick' kisses on each page, pressed flowers, a candy kiss marking the beginning of the newest entry...you know, all the things 'girls' are thrilled about and guys, well at least my guy, seemed to be hard pressed to duplicate.

I thought I was giving him what he would like and not so subtly modeling what I wanted in return. What I received was VERY different. Who knew leaving a 'love note' would prove to be so tricky?

His 'love note' pretty much consisted of one to two sentences and did NOT include a 'lip stick' kiss... I knew it wouldn't... but I thought he might go through a kitchen cabinet and find the bag of candy kisses and leave one for me somewhere, like maybe on my pillow if he wanted to do something a little different from the way I was leaving the candy kiss.

I also thought he might write a love poem once in a while, but what I didn't appreciate was that I had him at a disadvantage when it came to poetry writing.

You see, I was a professional songwriter and poetry came rather easily to me and not so easily to him. I am also a performing artist and painter and decorator and gourmet cook.

I married a salesman who was a near-full time athlete, and thought air plane food, when air plane companies served food, actually tasted good because all he was looking for was something to "fill the tank" and it didn't much matter if the choice was between SPAM or Chicken Cordon Bleu... it was all the same thing to him.

Even today I tease him because he actually prefers 7-11 coffee, which I refer to as 'swill', so you can imagine the GAPING divide I am describing when it came to 'love notes'!

After about a year and several disappointing 'love note' postings by my husband, I abandoned the entire 'love note' idea and instead wrote and recorded 'love songs' for him, continued to create some fantastic gourmet meals just because I love good food and enjoy the process of cooking and serving a beautiful meal to friends.

Of course I can't make Jell-O but I'm pretty good at making grilled cheese sandwiches. My husband does notice there is a wide gap between 'gourmet meals' for friends and 'soup and sandwich' for us, but you know he trained me to forget the fancy and go directly to the basics when it came to serving him food, but we have never skipped letting one another know how much we love each other.

In fact, he's the one that discovered the way to leave a perfect 'love note'. He bought a little glass heart and hid it for me to discover... no words could ever say more."

- Cathy B. from Hide A Heart

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