Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Love That Never Dies

"I have a story about my parents, who were married for 58 years prior to my dad's passing. Even as a child, I saw how much my parents struggled - first just to make ends meet (they had 6 children!), then when my dad lost his job and my mom tried to support us on her small earnings. There were many other challenges in between too. I remember times when my mom would weep ... it used to scare us, but she would always hug us and tell us not worry, we would be okay. My dad was the stoic type... he would get even quieter than usual and would usually go outside to mess around with the car. I guess it was his way of coping.

But the one thing that has really stood out in my memory wasn't all the hard times. It was one particularly sweet gesture my dad made. He was a private person and he thought all of us kids were in bed (my sister and I were wide awake, though, and not above spying!). One night he came home with a bunch of beautiful flowers he had carefully clipped from our garden. In the middle of these colourful blooms, was a single, hand-carved wooden rose. He told my mom that he would love her until the last flower wilted. It was the most romantic thing we had ever heard. My parents never spoke of it, at least not in front of us 'kids', but to this day that wooden rose graces the mantle in my mom's home."

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