Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Long Time Love

""When I was in university I had a very good friend named Alex. Although we never dated, we spent all of our free time together. I was heartbroken when we couldn't find jobs in the same city after graduation. We parted, and as life often does, we went in different directions and lost touch.

I eventually met and married my wonderful husband. We spent 37 happy years together before he died after an illness. For 3 years afterwards I was depressed and it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. I was struggling but I knew something had to change. I forced myself to join a senior's centre to meet people, and gradually I started to get my life back.

One day a new man joined our social group. He was so handsome and full of life, and he looked naggingly familiar. As he approached me I racked my brain to figure out where I had met him before. Grocery store? Bank? I couldn't place him but I did not want to seem rude because I couldn't remember his name. I knew for sure we had met before.

When he reached me he held out his hand and with a twinkle in his eye, said, 'Hi Jean. I'm Alex. I think we've met before.' It was him! My university friend. He had spotted me when he came in and had thought it might be me, so he asked one of the other ladies my name and where I was from.

Since then we are again great friends and even more. I feel so fortunate to have a second chance at the age of 71!"

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