Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Lasting Love

"I have lived in my neighborhood for nearly 8 years now and every day since I've lived here I see a lovely senior couple walking hand-in-hand. They're not doing anything special (usually shopping for fruit or window shopping) but they always look so happy. They laugh together and touch each other like they're a new couple in love.

One day I didn't see them. I didn't think anything of it until I didn't see them for several days, which turned into weeks and then months. I wondered if they had moved away. I hoped not - even though I had never spoken to them I enjoyed seeing them still in love after so many years.

Then one day they reappeared! The man is now in a wheelchair. That hasn't stopped them... every day I see them together on the sidewalks again, the woman pushing the man's wheelchair, and still talking and laughing like newlyweds. It always brings a tear to my eye. I hope to be so lucky when I'm their age!"

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