Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Substitute Kiss

"The recession hit us hard. My husband and I both lost our jobs. My husband eventually found a job but had to commute 2 1/2 hours each way! It got to be too much and so we decided he would stay with a friend during the work week so that he wouldn't have to do the commute. I encouraged this because I was worried he would be so tired he might get into an accident going to or coming home from work.

Secretly, though, I was depressed. My job search wasn't going anywhere and I was feeling down already, especially since I wasn't contributing financially to our household at a time when we very badly needed it. Being separated from my husband for 5 days of the week wasn't helping. I tried to hide it from him, not wanting to burden him.

A few days after he left, I received a card in the mail. Puzzled, I opened it - my husband had chosen the perfect funny card to lift my spirits, wrote why he loved me, and added a Hershey's kiss. And every single day he was away, I got another card, another reason why he loved me, and another chocolate kiss. Obviously I would have rather had him home with me but this was so sweet and unexpected that I couldn't help but feel so much better!

Two weeks later my husband found a job in our town, and a week after that, I found a job too! Life is much easier now but I will never forget what he did for me. It helped me through a tough time and made me feel loved and valued for who I am, job or no job."

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