Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Jungle Man!

"It was just another exhausting work day. Get up, kiss my husband good-bye, commute an hour to work, work 8 hours, and commute home in rush-hour traffic. As I stepped back into our house after a long day, there was a mess of flower pieces strewn along the entry way and up the foyer stairs. Annoyance boiled up inside of me. It looked like my husband had once again trailed one of the outdoor projects into the house and that I was going to end up cleaning it up.

As I stomped upstairs, watching carefully for any stray thorns, I saw the light on in our ensuite bathroom. The door was closed. By now, I'd had time to let my annoyance simmer and grow. So without bothering to knock, I shoved the door open, ready to give my husband a piece of my mind.

... Only I ended up just standing there, mouth open. Then involuntarily giggling. My husband was standing there in the buff, wearing just a loin-cloth-like garment woven from what looked like weeds (I later found out that they were flower stalks, but they wilted and got mashed up during my husband's weaving efforts). Dozens of tiny tealight candles surrounded him and cast a soft glow over the bathroom. A hot bath was steaming in the corner. My annoyance completely dissipated. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop laughing at first - probably not the reaction my husband was going for - but he gamely hammed it up, and it turned out to be a perfect, romantic night.

Sure, the flower pieces were odd (he said he was going for a more 'natural' look and didn't just want to use petals), but it's the thought that counts. A mid-week romantic surprise was just what we both needed to recharge and remind ourselves that there's more to life than work."

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