Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Hidden Heart

"My husband and I have been married for 34 years. We had settled into a boring but comfortable routine of going to work, coming home, and having dinner together in front of the TV before he fell asleep on the couch and I wandered off to call friends or read a book. We weren't really in a funk and we weren't fighting, but we had just seemed to accept that this is the way things were from now on.

A few months ago we decided it was time to replace the flooring in our home. To save money, we decided to do it ourselves (we've had quite a bit of experience with this!). So we got everything together one weekend and started in.

Imagine our surprise when we removed a section of planks to find the heart we'd drawn on the subfloor 30 years ago! We had forgotten about it, the silly heart we'd drawn in fun, with our names on it and a cupid's arrow through it. That got us reminiscing about all the things we'd done together as a couple, the mistakes we'd made, the things we'd accomplished... all the fun we had. It gave us the boost we needed to get back to doing fun stuff together again. Now, instead of being parked in front of the TV or off doing our own things, we're taking courses together, trying new activities (we even bungee-jumped together! We'll never do that again lol), and working on projects on the house. He supports me when there are things I have trouble with, and I do the same for him. It is so wonderful to have that sense of partnership again. And we owe it all to a silly heart we drew together as a young couple!"

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