Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Flower Garden

"A few months ago I was admitted to the hospital and ended up staying for ten days. I hate being confined to a bed - I love to be outdoors and active! My dear husband, knowing how difficult it was for me, came every day with beautiful, cheery potted flowers to keep my spirits up. Flowers are my one indulgence, my weakness! My husband also encouraged my friends and family to bring flowers too, so that by the end of my hospital stay, my room was an amazing display of colour.

On my last day, my husband helped me pack up to leave. I sadly looked at all of the flowers - there were so many there just wasn't any way to bring them home with us. My husband consoled me that the flowers could be re-distributed to other patients to cheer them up. That helped, but it hurt to leave them there since they were a colourful reminder of how many people loved and cared about me.

My husband took me out for a leisurely breakfast to celebrate my freedom from the hospital... and imagine my surprise when we got home to find that all of the flowers from my hospital room were planted in our back garden! My husband had enlisted a few friends who scooted into my hospital room to grab everything once we'd gone, then rushed to our home to get everything planted in time for my arrival home. It was a lovely surprise. I tend that garden every day and am thankful for my husband, my friends, and my health."

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