Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Fireworks

"I love the July 4th fireworks! Every year, my husband & I snuggle up on our balcony, hold hands, and enjoy the show across the river. It's become a ritual for us, sort of a way for us to remember how much we love being together even for life's simple pleasures.

We were married at a young age and didn't have a lot of money starting out. Our wedding was small & inexpensive, and our rings were simple bands that held a lot of love. As the years passed, our family grew and we continued to wear our humble rings.

Last year, my husband surprise with one of the best presents ever. Just as a few small fireworks went off to start the show, he grasped my hand. He told me that there's no one else he would have rather spent all these years with, despite all the ups and downs. Then he said that we're no longer the poor couple we were when we married... and took out a beautiful diamond ring and put it on my finger, while all I could do was stare, utterly shocked! I was amazed and delighted that he would think to get me a new ring after all these years. I love the new ring and wear it every day, but I also still wear the old ring, too. Both of them symbolize to me how much we've been through together."

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