Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Fallen Souffle

"My boyfriend Sam and I have been together for 4 years. He is a wonderfully thoughtful person, kind to everyone, and especially to me! I was at work one day, and pulled out my lunch (which he had packed for me, as he always does - he spoils me). Inside was some gourmet pasta and a sweet mini flavoured cheesecake - did I mention Sam's a great cook? - and a note. The note said that after work, I was to go downstairs and see the security guard. I had no idea what to expect as Sam sometimes does these creative and fun things.

So after work, I wandered down to see the security guard. He gave me a big grin, then handed me a beautiful package of wonderful-smelling bath salts and lotions, and another note. This one said that my friend Angie would be waiting for me out front.

Puzzled but excited, I spotted Angie, who welcomed me with another grin, and handed me a pretty box. Inside was a lovely, silky cranberry red dress, my favourite colour. Brand-new gorgeous shoes were also waiting for me, a pair I had eyeballed before in the window but had passed by because they were so expensive.

Angie drove me to her house, told me Sam had asked that I take a long, relaxing bath, and then dress up with the clothes he'd left me. I enjoyed my luxurious bath, and got dressed, just dying with anticipation to see what came next.

Angie drove me home. When I invited her to come in, she declined with a smile. So I walked in... and saw that Sam had dimmed the lights and decorated our home with hundreds of tiny tealights, so it looked like the night sky was in our home... and there was bunches of wildflowers everywhere. And the smell! I could smell cheese souffle baking in the oven.

Sam greeted me with a hug and a kiss. I was delighted that he went through all the trouble of making me feel so pampered, and I was dying to get a bite of that souffle (I love, love, love souffle!). As I was peeking through the oven door, I felt Sam come up behind me. I turned around, and there he was, on one knee, with a ring in his hand. He asked me to marry him. I shrieked "yes!" so loudly and hugged him so violently that we bumped into the oven and the souffle fell. It was the most delicious meal I've ever had!"

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