Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Everyday Valentine's

"When we were young, my husband and I used to go to great lengths to create an elaborate Valentine's Day celebration. I remember rushing around, struggling to get last minute details taken care of, and usually panicked, stressed out, and exhausted by the time Valentine's Day arrived! We had some great times but then it occurred to us:

-- Why be loving and nice for just one day a year?

We always heard the hoopla from detractors of Valentine's Day (we thought they were just scrooges), but it turns out they're right. Now my husband and I have TWO "Valentine's Day" celebrations every WEEK! It's not nearly so elaborate of course. I am retired so some day mid-week I make or buy something special for my husband. He does the same for me sometime on the weekend. It's often something small but meaningful to the other person (he picked me a bouquet of bright spring daffodils one time, I made him a pair of "World's Proudest Grandpa" socks another time).

It is so much more fun now and so much less stressful. We have had some very interesting nights! I think these little gestures have helped us to remain loving to each other all these years."

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