Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Day Off

"My husband is kind of gruff and pretty quiet but he does many little things (usually silently LOL) to show that he loves me.

After we had our last child, I was exhausted. We both get up at the same time. My husband usually leaves very early for work and I care for our children while he's at work. I was on the verge of tears one morning because I was so tired, I was literally on my last reserves of strength (physical and mental). I tried not to show it because I know my husband works really hard too, so I kissed my husband like I always do and went to go take my shower.

When I got out of the shower I saw he had written me a message on the steamed-up mirror. It said, 'You're a great mom. I've taken the day off work. Now it's your turn.'

My husband took the kids out with him so that I could have a quiet house to myself. I spent my surprise day off luxuriating in the little things I so rarely get to do: napping, reading a good book,doing some window shopping... and then when I got home later, I found my husband preparing dinner, with the kids at the babysitter's. My husband rarely has time to cook, but he is an amazing cook and dinner was beautifully prepared and delicious. We had a wonderfully romantic night together.

I feel a little silly writing about something so small but it really did touch my heart."

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