Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: I Started Dating My Wife Again

" A few months ago, I had to move the family. My job had become redundant and the company offered me a new job in another city. With the job market so poor, I had no choice but to accept the offer.

My wife and I put on brave faces to help the kids adjust to our new home, but I knew it bothered her. I wanted to reassure her that we made the right move, but it was tough because I wasn't sure of it myself. I wanted to change the tense atmosphere in our new home, so I figured I'd try to romance my wife like I used to back when we were first dating.

I placed notes in her books and on her chair. Sometimes they just said "I love you", sometimes I offered her a massage later that night. Once I prepared a late 'picnic' for us after the kids were asleep. She thought it was corny at first, but then I started receiving notes too. It became our private game.

We explored the parks in our new city, walking hand-in-hand (with kids on bikes), feeling like we were allies facing new challenges. And we talked. We talked about why leaving 'home' was so hard, and the new opportunities for us here. Most importantly, we finally felt relaxed enough to start smiling and laughing again, something we hadn't done since rumors of layoffs had started nearly a year ago. It was good to feel connected again, feel like we were partners despite the stress of starting a new life in a different city. Now, when I think about the move, I feel lucky -- we had let the romance fade away when we were in our old home, and now we have it back again."

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