Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Date Night

"After twenty-five years of raising children, one day my wife and I finally became empty-nesters. We hardly knew what to say to each other because the previous two and a half decades were so children-focused. We remembered how much fun we had together as a couple before we had kids (although the kids were fun too, just not in a husband- wife way). We jointly decided we had to do something to spark our marriage.

We designated Saturday nights as 'our' night: no friends, no family, nobody but us. My wife has a passion for cooking and is great at it, so the deal is that she prepares us a delicious meal (the whole nine yards, with appetizers, main course, salad, dessert), and I'm responsible for the setting: I create the ambiance and pick up flowers or candles or whatever else I need, as well as a movie we can watch after dinner (the understanding is that I'll probably stop in at Canadian Tire or Home Depot to look around, but I'm always back on time!).

We have a lot of fun working together to create our romantic evening plus it's always interesting to see what the other person will come up with!"

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