Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Cruise Ship Romance

"My husband and I are both in our mid 30s. Last year we were trying to think of something special to do for our upcoming anniversary (we wanted to do more than our usual dinner at a nice restaurant) and my husband's colleague, who is nearing retirement age, suggested that we go on a cruise. At first we scoffed at the idea. My parents have gone on a cruise before and they said everyone was around their age or older. We didn't really want to spend our anniversary in an environment where there was probably a lot less excitement than we're used to! We put aside the information without a second thought.

Nearly one month later we still hadn't figured out anything to do (we both got so busy with work that we didn't have time to investigate other options). Out of desperation that we NOT spend another anniversary doing the same thing, we decided that we might as well go ahead and book the cruise.

We were expecting the other passengers to be much older than we were, and we weren't surprised. They were all 50 or older. We tried hard to be positive but in truth, we were feeling quite unenthused about the whole thing. ... that is, until later that first night: we found ourselves alone, on deck, with a brilliant canopy of stars above us. What could be more romantic! It turned out that the other passengers had already gone to their rooms for the night! It was completely deserted except for the occasional crew member.

Every night of the cruise everyone except us retired to their rooms by 10:00pm but usually earlier. We spent every night all alone on the deck of the ship, gazing at the stars, with total privacy! The dining room was very accommodating and put together some delicious late-night snacks for us to enjoy all by our lonesome. It was so romantic and so perfect, definitely the most romantic anniversary we've had."

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