Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Course Notes and Love Notes

"I just finished my third year in law school and was exhausted from the never-ending course load. My husband has been more than understanding, working full-time and taking care of all of the housework and family obligations. Our 'alone time' had vanished since we were both wiped out at the end of the day. Some days we only saw each other for a few rushed minutes.

Near the end of the semester, I was behind on my term project and felt overburdened. My teammates weren't doing their share of the work so I had to sacrifice family time and sleep to still get a good grade. Many days I thought I'd lose my mind from the stress of trying to do well in school and knowing that my husband wasn't getting enough time from me.

One day, as I was going through my course books, a note fell out of the pages. It was a note from my husband, supporting my decision to go to school and encouraging me, saying that he loved me. When I got home I hugged and kissed him, and we spent a few minutes making plans for a romantic getaway at the end of the term. Every day until school ended for the year, my husband would hide another little love note somewhere in my course materials. I don't know how he figured out what I'd be reading that day, but I always found a note waiting for me. I always knew my husband loves me, but this really made me FEEL loved, and reminded me that I wasn't just an overworked student. "

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