Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Romance in the City of Gardens

"I needed to escape. I felt my mind and soul being weighed down by work pressures and it felt like getting away was the only solution. It was easy to convince my husband to use some of his accumulated holidays and we decided to go to Victoria, BC.

As our plane took off, I could feel my tensions being to fade. Just being high up above the clouds helped me to relax. I didn't realize at the time that our little getaway would turn into a wonderful romantic escape.

My husband isn't a big talker and I didn't know that he was also feeling pressured and stressed out from non- stop demands from work. But as soon as we stepped off the plane, he took my hand and we left the airport hand-in-hand, something we haven't done in a long time.

We had always heard that Victoria is a romantic city and it's so true. The gardens, the forests, the warm temperatures, friendly people, the ocean, great cafes and restaurants, and everything about the place added to the romance and helped us to put our lives into perspective. We hiked under towering trees, under beautiful canopies of maple trees, climbed hills, marvelled at the vastness of the ocean, enjoyed romantic seaside lunches... and the great thing was that most of the time, my husband and I had the trails all to ourselves. It was like Mother Nature had laid out a romantic landscape just for us personally.

Being so small next to the huge ocean and big trees made me realize how small my problems really are, and how much we really enjoy being together. Since then, we take little road trips or romantic escapes twice a month. It helps us put our work problems into perspective and remember why we love each other. "

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