Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Christmas Photo Memories

" My husband and I have been married 27 years. Last year, our youngest child moved out to a new job across the country. We love our kids, but now my husband and I are finally able to enjoy time with each other again! He surprised me with a romantic and touching gesture last Christmas, which was to be our first Christmas alone as a couple in many years.

I awoke on Christmas morning to find a crazy number of gifts under the tree. It seemed like there were dozens of small packages everywhere, and they all had my name on them. Mystified, I sat down while my husband grinned his "gotcha!" smile at me. I noticed the packages were numbered, so I picked up #1 and opened it. It was a photo of us on our very first Christmas Day together, as a poor, struggling young couple snuggled together on our tattered couch and laughing. I'd almost forgotten about that photo, one of my favourites! Package #2 was a photo of us on our second Christmas together, still poor, but still laughing too. Each package, numbered carefully, had a photo of our Christmases together.

I was delighted! It was so much fun to see how we changed over the years. I was feeling pretty weepy with all the wonderful memories. Then I opened the final package. This one was a bit different. This one contained a photo too - only it was a badly-photoshopped one of my husband and I, with a beautiful beach in the background... plus two tickets to Hawaii! We've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. We left the next day, and ended up spending a perfect 3 weeks in Hawaii... and decided that we'd take our annual Christmas photo there, on the beach, in each other's arms, still laughing."

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