Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: A Husband's Christmas Surprise

"I love Christmas. Opening presents on Christmas day is fun but it's the dinners and talking and laughing with friends & family that I enjoy the most. It's the planning and preparation that's stressful. And the cleaning is the worst part!

I've always been in charge of the 'planning committee' which meant knowing what everyone liked and disliked and making compromises so everyone would be happy. It gets tiring.

A couple of years ago, my husband surprised me with one of the best gestures ever. He told me he was going to prepare for the celebration and that I was off the hook for everything. It was hard to let go but I loved getting a full night's sleep.

He planned everything which included cleaning the house (he hired a cleaning crew), decorating the rooms (he invited our grown kids to do it), setting up the tree (the grandkids thought it was fun) and preparing the Christmas meal (he made it a family potluck).

So actually, all he did was make a few calls and arrangements, but I greatly appreciated the gift, especially since I've been preparing Christmas get-togethers for almost 40 years! My husband also unintentionally started a new family tradition: now instead of the entire burden being placed on one person's shoulders, we all participate in the preparation of our Christmas celebrations."

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