Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Canoe Trip

"The most romantic trip my boyfriend and I ever took was a canoe trip! We both love nature but due to our busy jobs we don't get out as much as we like. We planned the perfect canoe route through Algonquin Park in Ontario and had the best time.

Before we started we had a great picnic lunch of fresh French bread, cheese, wine, and fresh fruit, and sat by the lake, looking at the beautiful fall colours. We had to enjoy the food before the trip because once we were in the backcountry everything we ate was freeze-dried!

It was so perfect. Canoeing is quiet and romantic for us anyways but this time we would pull into our campsite and watch the sunsets in the perfect quiet of nature. Then at night it would often rain, and we snuggled together, just the two of us in our little tent, listening to the sounds. It was perfect, I wouldn't have changed a thing and we hope to go again some day soon."

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