Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Breaking the Ice

"My wife of 23 years has always wanted to visit the maritimes. She especially loves Anne of Green Gables and has desperately wanted to visit PEI but we were never able to get away since we were raising a son. Last year our son moved away and I decided to surprise my wife.

First I called my wife's boss to make sure she could get the time off (and I swore her to secrecy). I booked a room at a bed & breakfast inn, one with a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub and great food. Then I put together an Anne of Green Gables 'package': I researched all the places, called to get brochures, got tickets to the musical, and put everything into a nice package (okay, my sister-in- law did that part but only because I'm not good at wrapping things).

She loved it! I gave it to her when she wasn't expecting it. We were sitting in front of the TV (watching something intellectual like Survivor or Top Model or something), not really talking. During the commercial I said, "I need you to take care of this" (which is what I say sometimes when I ask her to pay a bill) and she irritably said, "Later". I said, "It can't wait". She snapped, "What is it?" That's when I handed her the package. The look on her face was priceless. She was a mess, crying and hugging, and the trip turned out awesome.

The trip 'broke the ice' between us. We had spent the previous 22 years only talking about child-rearing and our son, and when we were first alone together it was awkward because neither of us knew what to talk about. This one gesture made our marriage more fun and relaxed overall and it's almost like it was when we first met, probably even better."

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