Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: The Balloons

"My wife had lost a friend in a car accident a few months back and had been depressed ever since. I didn't know what to do to cheer her up. I'm not much of a romantic guy but I'm lucky to have a friend who is. My friend suggested something easy that even a clueless guy like me could pull off: I took small pieces of paper and wrote stuff on them like, 'Massage', 'Dinner @ La Caille', 'Breakfast in bed', and other stuff my wife likes. Then I put each piece of paper into a balloon, and filled the balloons with helium.

I left work early that day and put the balloons together into a colourful bouquet and surprised my wife when she came in the door from work. She loved it. Every day she would pop a balloon to get the surprise inside. I forgot that helium doesn't last forever and some of the balloons started looking sort of shrunken after a couple of days but we had a good laugh about it (and she had fun trying to pop the 'shrunken heads', as she called them)."

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