Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: Adventures in Romance

"I have always been a heavy guy. I was even a fat kid. My wife married me, knowing that I was fat, and has been supportive of my attempts to lose weight. We are very happy together but I know my size has prevented us from doing some things together.

My wife has always loved heights. She loves being able to look at a vast landscape of beautiful scenery from up high. One of her dreams has been to take a zip-line. Zip-lines have a weight limit on them and I was far too large. I encouraged her to go, but she always laughed it off... but I have seen her longingly watching zip-lining on adventure shows on TV.

Finally I decided enough was enough. I signed up for boot camp to help me get fit. Slowly and steadily (and with lots of secret complaining to myself) I lost weight. To keep myself motivated I booked - in secret! - a couple of fun activities for my wife and I: a kayaking weekend and a zip-lining adventure.

My wife is both a tomboy and a hopeless romantic, so I thought I would try to surprise her with some semblance of romance. I put the brochures for the two adventures into a plastic ziplock bag. We had a bunch of flowers from the garden store that we were going to plant that weekend, so I gently shook one plant out of its container, put the ziplock at the bottom, and replaced the plant.

When my wife and I went outside, I offered to dig the holes while she planted the flowers. I waited on pins and needles for her to discover the surprise. Finally, she removed the right plant and found the plastic baggie. At first she thought it was garbage and was about to throw it out, then noticed the brochures inside. She opened it up. Then she screamed so loud in excitement that one of the neighbours came outside to see if she was okay!

We had a fantastic time on both adventures and we're still doing lots of stuff together. I have maintained my weight loss now for 3 years and it has given us a freedom to do so much together."

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