Everyday Romance - Romantic Story: 14 Days of Romance

"My husband was the worst romantic gift-giver ever. His unoriginal, and usually late, gifts included flowers, bad chocolate and hideous clothing. I knew he meant well, but his execution was terrible. And then he surprised me last year for Valentine's Day.

February 1 - On the first day of the month, a beautiful, fresh flower awaited me after a long day at work. It was an unexpected gift and looked out of place on the barren table. Even before I could ask "Why", my husband said that I had popped into his mind as he crossed the local flower shop. His simple and small gesture made my day.

February 2 - I was again greeted with a surprisingly thoughtful gift. This time, sitting on the table was a pair of comfortable, new slippers. I'm not one to wear fuzzy footwear, but it turned out that they were really comfortable on our wood floors. My husband said that he thought I might be more comfortable around the house.

February 3 - On the drive home, I was anxious to see if another gift was waiting for me. My husband had surprised me for the past two days, and I wasn't sure if my good luck was about run out. On the kitchen table were three little pastries from the local bakery. Perfect sweet treats to go along with his sweet

February 4-13 - Every day, the small gifts kept appearing. I received 4 chocolate roses, 5 romantic balloons that said "I love you", and lots more. On the 12th day he even brought me 12 chocolate-dipped strawberries! What a treat. I couldn't imagine what Valentine's Day would bring.

February 14 - My whole day was shot because my imagination ran wild. I was excited and nervous as I pulled up the driveway. I hadn't felt this giddy in years! When I got home, the table held a piece of paper. Just a single, clean loose leaf sheet and on it was hand-written the words, "I love you" in 14 different languages.

I later found out that his sister had given him the '14 days of romance' idea (which would explain how a man who used to give wilted flowers as a belated anniversary gift could make such a remarkable turnaround). Even so, he made all the effort and chose all the gifts. It was perfect."

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