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Travel Options: Car, Air, Sea, or Rail?

Once you've narrowed down where to go for your romantic getaway, you need to decide how to get there, based on how much time you have, your budget, and your interests.

Travel by Car

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination! Traveling by car has several benefits: in addition to being relatively economical, it also gives you the flexibility to stop when you like. You can take in a romantic picnic by a lake, stop to gaze at spectacular vistas, or drop in for a snack at a little roadside cafe. You might even decide that you don't want to make solid plans... you'll take your chances and stay at cozy inns you find along the way!

The disadvantages of car travel are primarily the time it takes to get anywhere, plus the fact that someone's going to have to do the driving! Some people simply find that long car trips aren't to their liking.

Travel by Air

Can't wait to get to your destination? Flying is usually the fastest way to get there, so that you can maximize your "vacation time" and get right down to relaxing. Disadvantages include cost, limited flexibility with regards to flight times and dates, restrictions on the amount of luggage you may carry, and potential issues such as lost luggage or delayed / cancelled flights.

Travel by Sea

If you have the time and enjoy a leisurely holiday, a cruise is something to consider. Cruise ships are usually outfitted with all sorts of amenities to hold your attention. These may include restaurants, golfing, a pool & gym, various entertainment venues, and a variety of shops. Some of the disadvantages of sea travel include limited flexibility (you can't just hop off the ship and go exploring!); perhaps less privacy than some couples may want if they're seeking a romantic getaway; and cost.

Travel by Rail

The disadvantages include being restricted by the train schedule (both date / times as well as where the train travels); plus cost can be a factor. However, breathtaking scenery is often why people choose to travel by train. You can sit back and relax in each other's company, dine, read, take a nap... and then disembark at various stops along the way to explore different cities, towns, and attractions. Some rail tours or trips include overnight accommodation, whether it's a sleeping bunk on the train or a night at a hotel. Ask for details.


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