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Planning a Surprise Romantic Getaway

Many of us have dreamed about being whisked away for a romantic holiday, away from the demands of daily life and with nothing to do but relax with a partner. Surprising your sweetie with a romantic getaway, even if it's just for a weekend, is a great way to reconnect and have some fun! Here are a few ideas on how to plan and prepare a surprise vacation... Surprise your sweetie with a romantic vacation for just the two of you!

  • Find a place and make the reservations. As you look around for that perfect getaway accommodation, think about:

    • What type of lodging does your partner prefer? For example, an intimate bed & breakfast, a secluded cottage, luxurious spa, or a cozy inn?

    • What setting does your partner find most romantic? Some people love the romance and lights of the big city, while others prefer the seclusion of nature.

    • Is there any place that has special meaning to your partner - or to the two of you as a couple? You could arrange to stay in the city or town where you first met... or where you had your first kiss. Or perhaps there's someplace that she's always wanted to visit but never had a chance.

    • How will you get the reservation confirmation? You wouldn't want the hotel inadvertantly calling you to confirm - and have your partner take the call! Let the reservation agent or host know that you are planning a surprise and give them a way to contact you so that your partner will not accidentally find out about your surprise.

  • Pick a time when you're both available. With work and family obligations, this might be a bit tricky but still do-able. Be careful not to be too obvious - after all, you want it to be a surprise!

  • Take care of the logistics. If you're travelling out of the country, for instance, first make sure you have valid passports. Make sure you've arranged for appropriate child-care or pet-sitting if the getaway is going to be just the two of you. Take care of house-sitting arrangements, mail pick-up, and other such tasks so that you and your partner will not have the stress of dealing with them at the last moment.

  • Research a few romantic activities you can do together. Does your partner love the beauty of a sparkling blue lake? Find a romantic waterfront spot where you can take a picnic lunch. Has he always wanted to see a favourite sports team, band, or play in person? Arrange your romantic getaway around those dates if you can, and pick up tickets. Again, make sure that the tickets aren't accidentally intercepted by your partner!

  • Plan on how you're going surprise your sweetie. When, where, and how will you tell him? Some people adore surprises and would love it if their partner had everything packed and ready to go. Your partner might prefer to be surprised a little earlier so that they have a little time to react!

There are so many options for a surprise romantic getaway, depending on your time, budget, and interests. A little planning can go a long way towards that perfect romantic surprise!


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