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The Road Less Travelled:
Unique and Adventurous Romantic Travel Ideas

What do you think of when you hear the word, "romance"?

Some couples head for deliciously luxurious 5-star hotels. Others can't think of a better way to spend their romantic getaway than by hiking to the top of a mountain and breathing in the views together. Fortunately, Canada is a vast and diverse country that provides plenty of options for your unique romantic travel options or simply a weekend getaway. Romantic travel can mean all sorts of things... it just depends on who you ask!

Whether you prefer the romance of the big city or you dream of a secluded holiday in the heart of nature, there's sure to be something that will catch your fancy (and many accommodations will be happy to help arrange an custom adventure package for you). Here are a few "adventure travel" ideas for couples seeking a unique (but still romantic!) getaway:

  • Head out on the water. Bring or rent a canoe or kayak and launch it from a secluded waterfront cottage. Research potential campsites for overnight stays, or head back in for a quiet and romantic dinner on your private deck.

    If the two of you enjoy an exciting adrenaline rush, look into resorts or other accommodations that offer white-water rafting trips. If you prefer a holiday that's not quite so adventurous, then perhaps you might enjoy spending your romantic getaway on a houseboat instead.

  • Sign up for an eco-tour. Ecotourism offers a way to view and appreciate the natural wonders of our country, while taking care to respect and conserve the natural environment and cultural heritage of the area. Ecotours may be gentle day walks, or more rugged hikes through the mountains; you might view wildlife, storm-watch, explore an old-growth forest, or visit historical fishing villages; and you could travel by foot, vehicle, or over water.

  • Ride the rails. Take a vacation by train - just sit back and enjoy the scenery! Short trips, long trips, budget accommodations, or luxury resorts... you can customize your romantic getaway just for the two of you.

  • A guided horseback trail ride Stay at a rural lodge that specializes in horseback rides. Many beautiful country accommodations offer horseback rides and can customize a package for your special romantic occasion. Some even offer overnight horseback riding trips! Of course, you could always take a romantic day trip then return to the warmth of the lodge for a hearty meal.

  • Take flight to a fly-in lodge. Some fishing or wilderness lodges are completely secluded and are accessible by air. Enjoy a peaceful day out on the water... explore your surroundings with a heli-hike... paddle quietly across a mountain lake... or indulge in a spa treatment or a gourmet meal in a spectacular natural setting.

  • Find romance in a winter wonderland. Winter offers soft blankets of freshly fallen snow; the warmth of a fireplace and a mug of hot chocolate; and of course an excuse to snuggle up together! Canada is home to many spectacular ski and snowboard resorts, including the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the famous Whistler in British Columbia, the towns of Blue Mountain and Collingwood in Ontario, and the beautiful and romantic Mont Tremblant area of Quebec.

    Even if the two of you aren't skiiers or snowboarders, you can grab a pair of snowshoes and explore the natural beauty that surrounds you.

These are just a few adventure travel ideas for couples vacationing in Canada. With so many romantic getaways to choose from, you're sure to find something that fits the "romantic" in you!


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