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Creating the Language of Love

Love is always in the air, making it easy to take advantage of every opportunity to re-ignite, boost, renew, rejuvenate, and recapture the giddy romance that brings a couple together. With a little imagination and investment, one can create a romantic setting to fan the flames where the spark still exists.


Love and romance

KIS - yes, "keep it simple." Wooing, kindness, remembrance and 'sweet nothings' nurtures love and romance. Whether in the form of a bouquet or a single flower, a box or a bar of candy, a gentle hug, kisses on the back of the neck, holding hands, sharing a cup of coffee/tea while watching the sun rise or a glass of wine at sunset, or eating a tuna sandwich by candlelight or in front of a fireplace are examples of 'sweet nothings' that nurture a relationship and do not require any special or private circumstance.

Love Note of Affection & Surprise

Creating a romantic and charming way to leave a 'perpetual' love note helps keep the language of love alive. Finding a non-verbal means of communicating "I Love You" or to take the sting out of heated words is a coup. Inspiring on-going positive expression can boost a relationship meter to the positive. Choose a 'little something' that meets the needs of your adored: vegan, gluten-free, low calorie, then on your next vacation or his/her business trip or at home, tuck it in the suitcase, briefcase, pocket, shaving kit, make-up bag or under the pillow of the one you LOVE to surprise him/her then trade off hiding that 'little something' from one another! It's fun! It's romantic! It's rejuvenating! And, if reused again and again, it's eco-friendly!

Proof is in the Pudding

Over twenty-seven years ago my husband surprised me with a little red glass heart he had hidden for me to discover. I'm sure he was 'in the dog house' for one reason or another, a 'house' in which he could often find himself, but as you can imagine all was forgiven when I discovered the wee heart hidden among my lingerie! Over the years, we have found the little glass heart to be helpful when trying to say 'sorry' or 'forgive me' or 'miss you'. Discovering the heart unexpectedly has proved to be a great facilitator for heartening and renewing relationship building especially when what we often found difficult to express verbally could be expressed with the little glass heart. Even today, my heart skips a beat whenever I re-discover the hidden treasure.

This article was reprinted with permission from Cathy Bowles, VP Sales and Marketing of Hide a Heart, a gift of non-verbal communication of love that has brought laughter, joy and warmth to many over the years.


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