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Couples Travel - Take Your Friendship on a Road Trip

Instead of telling your friends about your latest vacation, why not invite them along? "Couples travel" doesn't mean you can't share a holiday with good friends! Vacationing with another couple that you both like can be fun and memorable for all of you.

Couples travel

Naturally, any time you vacation with someone else it can become a sticky situation, so lay down a few ground rules to ensure you have the best possible time together.

  • Before making a booking, ask the accommodation about the sleeping arrangements. If you're looking for a smaller, more reclusive getaway such as a chalet, find out the number of bedrooms and whether each room has a good view (no one wants to fight over the only room with a view!).

    Now, if you know that all of you prefer privacy, consider booking side-by-side cottages, or look for a bigger vacation home that offers nice bedrooms on different floors or opposite sides of the house. That way you can still enjoy each other's company but can have privacy with your sweetie when you want it.

    If you're staying at a hotel, ask for adjacent rooms or you may end up on different floors.

  • Book an accommodation where you can laugh and talk without disturbing other guests. For instance, choose a secluded accommodation that offers a private patio, deck or beachfront. You'll be able to sit around a fire with a bottle of wine talking to the wee hours of the night without worrying about the neighbours complaining.

  • Make a list of activities both couples would enjoy. Maybe you and your partner love outdoor recreation, while your friends just like to hang out by the water with a glass of wine. Try to figure out an activity that's interesting for both couples, such as a hike to a lake and a picnic.

  • Try a vacation specializing in one specific activity. Many accommodations offer more than just a nice room. Some cater to trail riding, spa treatments, and even cooking classes and many other activities. Be adventurous and select a location, tour or package that offers an activity that no one has tried before but sounds fun. You can have some great laughs along the way.

  • The location you select can have a big impact on the ambiance of your romantic holiday too. For instance, if London has always held a special fascination for you, then start saving up for that special romantic getaway. Check in to London hotels in the heart of the city where you'll be central to the sights and sounds. Or for a totally different feel, try an intimate bed & breakfast inn or a boutique hotel in an outlying town or village near the city. This gives easy access to the attractions of the big city, yet allows for a quieter and more private romantic setting.

  • Take turns cooking. Have everyone prepare at least one meal so that the cooking duty is spread amongst friends. You'll get to know more about their culinary abilities (or inabilities) while having fun around the dinner table. Better yet, invite a friend who enjoys cooking and is willing to volunteer as the group chef!

  • Don't take it personally when someone wants to be alone. Even friends need to be apart once in a while. Respect each other's boundaries and you'll have plenty of great memories of your holiday together.


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